I'd be reluctant to use any company other than the top 5 on this list it wasn't for the nature of this website project. I can almost always get a finished product I am happy with by using one of the companies listed, but I also understand some of these companies may exceed your budget or not quite be able to nail the idea you had in your mind. You may have to explore other options. You may have to show your employer more quality concepts than what these companies can provide. Or maybe another company caught your eye and you are wondering if they are any good. Whatever the case may be, I am shopping my projects around, at my own expense, so I can give you an honest review of other services... and maybe find a few more companies I like. Here is my short list so far:

My Top 5 Affordable Logo Design Companies 

The Logo Company 

Recommended Package: Logo Only
Price: $199

the logo company logoI have an affinity for this company as the two times I have ordered a logo from them, I was blown away by the final design. The first time (2012) resulted in a logo I am still extremely satisfied with and will probably never have redesigned. The most recent time (2018) was another great experience with somewhat less ceremonious results but was still happy with the final product. This last experience, I did avail myself of a promo code so if you are interested in their services, you might want to sign up for their newsletter and follow them through social media. If you can afford a package in the $100 - $200 range, The Logo Company would be my #1 choice to complete your logo design project. A nice addition to this package is the Copyright Transfer upon completion. Some companies charge an additional fee for this.

(I just stumbled upon this cool CafePress page they made of products with my logo. I am surprised it is still up after all these years!)

Logo Nerds

Recommended Package: Professional Business Logo
Price: $47

Logo Nerds logoLogo Nerds was a pleasant surprise the one time I used them and will definitely be using their logo design service again. With the coupon I used ($10 off), I got 6 original concepts and unlimited revisions for $37. I questioned whether there was anyone administering the website after contacting them and not hearing from them. Thankfully, a few days after placing my order, I received my concepts. They followed my instructions through every step in the revision process and I could not have been happier with the final design. Don't let the outdated look of their website and seemingly abandoned support email address fool you. They are just busy creating quality logo designs most of us can afford.

Team Graphika

Recommended Package: Premier
Price: $89

Team Graphika LogoTeam Graphika came up in my Google results when I searched "Logo Design Philippines". With the possibility of eventually moving Ten Dollar Logo to the Philippines, I thought it might be worth checking out the local competition. This Manila-based affordable logo design company offered what might be the best deal I've seen for under $100 USD: 12 concepts with unlimited revisions for $89. After a week of working with them, I can vouch for two things: 1. They do give you 12 original concepts 2. They can follow instructions. I really liked more the half the concepts they gave me and almost all of the concepts followed the instructions I gave them! They also offer two cheaper packages if you don't need an illustrative logo for $39/$49 which I will almost undoubtedly avail for myself at a future date. It's been fun working with this team.

Dream Logo Design

Recommended Package: Bronze
Price: $79

Dream Logo LogoThis gem of a company was a great find in my trial and error experiment in finding affordable logo designers I could work with. Not only have they provided me with several decent logos, I outsource icons, header and background images to them for client projects. I have developed a friendship with the owner of Dream Logo Design and email him when I need something, skipping the order process entirely. Dream Logo Design produces highly original designs and concepts. I have been particularly impressed with their ability to do portrait logos. I am very thankful for the day I found this company. They have saved me a lot of money dealing with misleading and incompetent design companies.

Logo Design Team

Recommended Package: Best Seller
Price: $149

the logo company logoLogo Design Team may not be my first choice, but they will always be one of a handful of companies I use when the budget allows for me to use several logo design companies. Their Best Seller package comes in a little high priced and unfortunately, they seldom offer discount codes. Their cheaper package is less than half price, but unlimited revisions is something I just can not go without. Still, I have used their services on three different occasions and have always been impressed with their creativity and perseverance. Logo Design Team offers Full Copyright Ownership with all of their packages, but unfortunately, this does not take the form of any text document at the completion of your project. I have enjoyed my experiences with Logo Design Team and loved their commitment to completing my projects to my satisfaction, although at times their interpretation of my ideas has left me scratching my head. Don't worry too much. They will eventually get it right.  

In Conclusion

I am confident in recommending all of these companies for your logo project, but before purchasing from any of them please read my article Preparing for Your Logo Design. You will spare both yourself and the design company time and heartache if you put some thought and preparation into your logo purchase.

For detailed reviews of my affordable logo design experiences, please refer to the Logo Reviews page of our website.

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