Logo Maker Review

LogoMaker.com is not actually a logo designer. It's an online software that lets you arrange text and images to make your own logo. My first experience with LogoMaker was while trying to brainstorm ideas and create mockups for my projects. In the end, I created the Ten Dollar Logo website logo with LogoMaker and purchasing the logo files, a domain name, and 100 business cards through their platform. I may have stopped there if I hadn't found a really great icon for another project. 

Most of the logos I have had done for this project are highly detailed illustrations. This is not the best option for business cards, favicons, social media, and print logos. Thankfully, LogoMaker is a great online tool to help you with your design. The software is so addictive and boasts a catalog of clever yet simple icons for almost every logo you will ever need. 

This article will be short as I really can't recall the countless hours I spent playing around with the design, changing fonts and colors. I then wanted to find a business card idea to my liking. I found one I thought was perfect and again, spent many hours carefully assembling the text and logo arrangement.

Today there are three items sitting in my LogoMaker.com shopping cart just waiting for their next sale. If there is one caveat to the platform, it is this: Wait for the best deal or it will cost you. Generally speaking, you can save up to 60% off your logo file and get a free domain name if you aren't in a rush. One hundred two-sided business cards, your logo files, and domain name should run you about $50 CAD with free shipping. (Unfortunately, I have no idea what the deal is for Americans. I'm guessing even less.) Also, if you haven't registered a domain name yet, you may want to get your logo here first as they often offer a free 1-year domain name registration with purchase.

LogoMaker may not be the best option if you need something completely original, but they are a great choice for smaller projects where you just need something attractive and simple looking.

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