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Logo Nerds finished LogoOrder Details and Results

Logo Design Company: Logo Nerds
Project Name: Low Status Male

Price: $37 USD (with $10 off coupon)
Date Started: Wednesday, 13 June 2018
Date Completed: Friday, 13 July 2018
Star Rating: 5 star

If I had started researching affordable logo design today, I probably would have missed working with Logo Nerds completely. Recent searches for "affordable logo design" on Google did not bring up their website. Fortunately, I had created a list of affordable logo design companies back in 2012, and their site was one of a handful of websites that was still in business. 

For starters, let me say that I initially contacted Logo Nerds to see if anyone would respond to my email and I never got a response. I proceeded forward anyways after finding a coupon for $10 off that actually worked.

Logo Nerds Professional Business Logo Package ($37 USD with $10 off coupon):

  • Web Ready Formats
  • Print Ready Formats
  • 6 Different Concept Choices
  • Free Revisions
  • Delivered in 3-5 Business Days
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

After filling out their logo questionnaire, I continued to make payment. I received an invoice and account creation details shortly after making payment. Their website, forms, and user area look really dated, so I was still hoping their business was legit. I contacted them after making payment, again, to see if anyone was there. No one responded. Fortunately for me, a few days later I received 6 initial concepts. 

Okay. Let me first say that by the time I placed my order with Logo Nerds I had 5 well-defined concepts. I wasn't sure if I had explained these concepts well enough as another company I had placed an order with, paid very little attention to my ideas and gave me concepts almost completely unrelated. I left instructions with Logo Nerds to create the five concepts I had detailed and use the last concept to create one of their own.

The bad news: The one original concept they developed on their own was very generic and if they had given me 5 more like it, I would have been extremely disappointed. 

The good news: The five remaining concepts were all well done and showed a complete understanding of the instructions I had given them! 

The only difficulty left was deciding between the two concepts they gave me that I liked the most. With the first round of revisions, I was able to decide which concept I wanted for further development.  Revisions were done promptly and according to instructions and the only hiccup we had in the development was when I sent them a headshot I was hoping they could incorporate in the image. Their inability to create a high contrast black and white headshot from an original photo made me think maybe they were relying on a cache of stock images, possibly they had already created, to use in their concepts. Either way, we abandoned that idea and they were still able to present me with something similar, adding a pair of glasses and noise effect to my final design to make it really pop. When we concluded our business, they sent me all the appropriate files minus a Copyright Transfer document (which is not part of their package deal). 

Great communication, timely revisions, original concepts that followed my instructions, and a final design I really like! Logo Nerds was the most pleasant surprise off all the companies I worked with on this project. I really enjoyed the entire creative process. My recommendation is that if you have a half dozen concepts for your logo design already prepared, Logo Nerds would be a great place to start. They are the most affordable logo design company I have worked with thus far and I didn't have any difficulty with them not following instructions. If you are looking for completely original concepts with no ideas of your own, you might want to read some of the other reviews on our website.

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