Pandum Studio Final DesignLogo Design Company: Pandum Studios (Fiverr)
Project Name: Low Status Male
Price: $15.50 USD
Date Started: July 9, 2018
Date Completed: August 18, 2018
Star Rating:  

I’ve never been a fan of freelance services. I’ve used Guru and Elance in the past and have bad experiences on both. Fiverr is the freelance website being heavily promoted these days and I thought it appropriate to have one Fiverr artist take a run at my project.

I posted the ad on July 6th and within a day or two, I had a dozen freelancers messaging me their offers. Most of these messages looked like they had been copied and pasted, so I agreed to terms with the only artist that showed signs of an original message. Unfortunately, I didn’t look over his small portfolio or reviews before making our agreement. I probably could have solicited a better-reviewed and talented artist but would push forward anyway. He won the contract by showing me he had read over the details of my project, not by the quality of artwork in his portfolio.

The agreement was for two concepts and unlimited revisions for $15. The artist missed the agreed-upon delivery date by two days and I was given the option to cancel the order when he missed the delivery. Two days later, he sent me two images; both were based on the same concept; and in one case, the image was almost identical to another artist’s logo I had created for me.

Fiverr Artist Logo

Mic Head from Fiver Guy with Shadow from Fiverr

I asked him for the second concept we had agreed to and a few days later he presented me with two entirely new concepts. I chose to go with the mic head with glasses. 

The final design involved eleven more revisions and took almost a month that included ten days where he disappeared and claimed he suffered a hand injury that made it impossible to finish the logo or contact me.

I believe the artwork is original and he did follow my instructions with both concepts so I am giving him credit for that. I am deducting one star because I don't like this logo enough to ever use it and secondly, for the long delays in the process. I didn't care much for Fiverr platform either, but it does offer much more security and a guarantee that you would not get from some random logo design site. 

If you like Pandum Studio's final design, style, and concepts, I would recommend giving him a shot at your project. Delays aside, he was a pleasant young man to work with. Otherwise, I believe there are better designers to work with.  

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