The Logo Company Review

The Logo Company was the first company I purchased a logo design from for my Low-Status Male podcast project. I had used them once before with great success, so when I received an email from them offering me a $99 discount off their Logo Only package, I took a chance and availed myself of the deal.

So this is what I was getting for $100:

  • 5 Logo Designers
  • 5 Initial Designs
  • 3 Days Initial Design
  • Unlimited Re-Draws
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Copyright Transfer

I knew, barring a perfect logo, I would be shopping this project to several other companies. The Logo Company was getting the first crack at it, and unfortunately, they were also receiving the fewest well-developed ideas from me. At this point, I only had one idea I wanted to be incorporated and that was some symbol representing low energy.

After placing my order, I was given account details for the project management platform which included detailed instruction for communicating. Within 48 hours, I was presented with 5 unique initial designs. Initial designs are almost always a disappointment and 3 of the designs I received were very disappointing. Of the two I liked, one had very nice typography and another the right feel. I commented that two of the logos were good, but I wanted to see a hooded character with a mic in the logo. Another round of revisions produced several variations with the decent color, fonts and layout and a hooded character that looked too much like a rapper or something from a horror movie. So this led me to develop a reference image folder for the type of character I was hoping to see. A couple more rounds of revisions and they had something very promising.

In the end, my logo took 13 rounds of revisions with the last 8 being color and very small detail changes.  I ended up backtracking and selecting a design from the 5th round of revisions. The promptly congratulated me on selecting a final design and sent me a link to download my files including several different image types, grayscale, and editable vector file and a professionally written Copyright Ownership transfer documen


Additional Info

  • Logo Design Company:The Logo Company
  • Price:$100 USD
  • Project Name:Low Status Male
  • Final Design:
  • Date Started:Monday, 07 May 2018
  • Date Completed:Thursday, 14 June 2018
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