If you were looking for affordable logo design in 2007, you may have come across a Google Ad suggesting "Designers Have Gone Crazy - Logos for $10!". The corresponding website, TenDollarLogo.com, offered one original logo, without revision, and a money-back guarantee. Luckily, I was one of the customers that responded to their sales pitch. For a little over 3 months, this short-lived Brazilian Logo Design company provided me with high-quality logos for all of my web design projects before padding their pockets with ten dollar bills and closing shop. Fast forward eight years and I was able to purchase the tendollarlogo.com domain name for my own project.

About Me

So, who am I and what do I do? Well, I am a former web design student with a handful of websites I work on with the hopes of creating something I can eventually make a living off of. Unfortunately, I am not the most talented designer and I still outsource most of my graphics. I've spent countless hours searching 'Affordable Logo Designers' on Google and many more reading reviews and manuals on services and software I would never use, in the end.  In my experience, it is difficult to find honest and talented people/businesses efficiently. Time and money are almost always wasted in the testing process. Through the course of developing my projects, I have had the pleasure of dealing with some very talented designers and developers, but have also regretting availing myself of other offers. 

Our Purpose

With tendollarlogo.com I plan on sharing my design, development and outsourcing experiences. In short, my hope for this website is to direct you to the best affordable logo design services and most appropriate software for your skills, budget and project specifications... and steer you away from the wrong ones. Some of the links here on this website are affiliate links, meaning I make a commission when you buy something from the corresponding website after being directed there from mine. Many of them aren't. I will share the best and worst experiences regardless of the monetary benefit. If you do find my information useful though, I hope you make a purchase through one of these links. In the end, I would like to generate an income of this labor.

Ten Dollar Logo: Your Guide to Affordable Logo Design, Web Design, Hosting and Do-It-Yourself Websites

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